Melaleuca Prespot 4x Concentrate 8oz

Melaleuca Prespot 4x Concentrate 8oz
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  • Item #: prespot4x
  • Manufacturer: Melaleuca

Improved Cleaning Power Now you can remove even the toughest stains. You know the kind that everyone said you would never get out. That?s because the stain removing power of PreSpot 4x has been improved by using a combination of 3 naturally derived enzymes plus 2 biodegradable surfactants. Removes More Types of Stains This new formula is effective on a full spectrum of stains but is still gentle on your clothes. PreSpot 4x is effective against stains like: cooking oil blood, milk grass make up, ring-around-the-collar, ink dirt tomato sauce coffee and other protein, starch and soil stains Better than Leading Brands In fact in lab tests PreSpot 4x removed cooking oil, ring-around-the-collar, make up, dirt, and blood better than Shout® Advanced Gel on cotton fabrics. Concentrated = Better Value And PreSpot 4x concentrate gives you 33% more stain remover for the same great price. One 8 fl. oz. bottle of concentrate will make two 16 fl. oz. bottles of ready to use stain remover. That?s a great value! So with PreSpot 4x not only are you saving money, saving water, saving plastic and being environmentally responsible, but you are also getting a more effective stain remover. You?ll never have to fear spaghetti sauce again.

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